The exams are finally over, and amongst other things, I will return to writing this blog again.

I didn't expect things to turn this way. I thought that the final exams would be a precursor to an alleviation of mental pressure and plenty of free time. Instead, I find myself bracing for a final project review, followed by a job hunt that might take some time to be realised. And once I get a job, there's always skill gathering to do, not to mention extra classes/work on the side. And all this must be planned too, if I'm to make something of myself.

If anything, the game's risen. Conquer one mountain, only to conquer another…


I'm back.

It's been a busy month for me. Laboratory submissions and my research project work left me little time to stay online, let alone blog. In the process, I've ignored friends, lost touch with technology's cutting edge and grown a scruffy beard. 

It's high time, I think, to return to the mainstream – whatever my perception of it may be.

I'm pleased to declare that version 0.1 of my research project, titled Tomescape, is expected to be released by the end of this month. Tomescape is designed to be a search-engine, albeit one that operates from a different perspective than the Googlish dozens that make their stands across the web. Details will follow the release itself; keep coming here for more.

Nothing more for now. Work beckons; a couple of aspects have been reconsidered and I must keep at it unless I want to miss my self-appointed deadline, or ignore the practical examinations just around the corner. Until next time.